Cormorant fishing is a tradition in danger of extinction


Cormorant fishing is a tradition in danger of extinction, and it is possible that the current generation of fishermen, who range in age from 70 to 80, will be the last to preserve this ancient tradition. There are a few reasons for this: global warming and increased environmental pollution, cause a decrease in the number of fish in rivers and lakes.

Additionally the increase in tourism, allows the elders of the generation, to make a respectable living from the displaying of their culture, rather than from the fishing itself.
Lastly, technological developments of the computer age, have crucially impacted the younger generation.

The internet has made the world a small global village, and young people are exposed to an abundance of hi-tech thrills that outdo cormorant fishing.
A mere few such fisherman, remain along the banks of the river Li, most of them approaching their senior years, and anyone who interested in experiencing this extraordinary tradition with their own eyes should hurry to this region.


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