An old Chevrolet


Printed Canvas:

Fine art canvas print, limited edition, signed and includes certificate of Authenticity. Posted rolled and ready for re-stretching or framing behind glass.
The image has an additional margin of about 3 cm on each side.


Available Sizes: 60X90 cm, 80X120 cm, 130X180 cm



If you’re an oldies enthusiast, Cuba is a must. Every visitor will be taken back to the 1940’s and 1950’s as they pass by the many vintage cars. Havana welcomes you with run-down, Spanish colonialist architecture, which makes the perfect backdrop for an endless line-up of antique, but fully functioning automobiles. All the grand names of yesteryear, when you could still discern one brand from another could be seen including Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Buick and Ford. You’d even see manufacturers that no longer exist like Studebaker, Plymouth and so on. It was nostalgic seeing these great products of the American automotive industry making their way through the bumpy roads - cars that were made during a time when Elvis Presley first stepped onto the scene and when rock and roll music was rife.


The image is printed canvas in three sizes, Available Sizes: 60X90 cm, 80X120 cm, 130X180 cm.

This photo was taken in a high iso and therefore it has a painting effect.

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