Chochan during training with his ornate golden eagle


The nomads of central Asia have a long tradition of 2,500 years in taming and domesticating the Golden Eagle for hunting purposes. This tradition has been preserved to this very day by Kazakh and Kyrgyz hunters. Using these Golden Eagles to hunt is an extremely important process in local culture due to its unique nature. The local Kazakh hunters in western Mongolia use these majestic birds to hunt foxes, wolves and Marmots, for fur. Hunting season therefore takes place during the cold winter months, while the wild animals are slim and have an abundant amount of thick fur. In Bayan-Olgii, there are around 400 hunters who still preserve the magnificent art of taming and training the wild Golden Eagles.


The image is printed canvas in three sizes, Available Sizes: 60X90 cm, 80X120 cm, 130X180 cm.

This photo was taken in a high iso and therefore it has a painting effect.

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