The side-kick of Western Mongolia’s Kazakh


The side-kick of Western Mongolia’s Kazakh hunters takes the form of a majestic bird – the golden eagle. It is a bird of prey with acute senses, and it is rightly considered, King of the Birds. The Mongol Kazakhs are descendants of Turkic tribes, Mongols and Indo-Iranians, who populated the territory between Siberia and the Black Sea. Most of these nomad families and their herds migrate several times a year between seasonal permanent homes, and during migration, erect their temporary dwellings, called Yurts (in Turkic language) or ger (in Mongolian). For thousands of years, Golden eagle hunting has helped make a living for these nomad families, but unfortunately, they are on their way to becoming endangered, perhaps even on the verge of extinction. No more than 150 of these Kazakh falconers remain in the vast prairies of Mongolia.


The image is printed canvas in three sizes, Available Sizes: 60X90 cm, 80X120 cm, 130X180 cm.

This photo was taken in a high iso and therefore it has a painting effect.

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