The naked Naga Sadhu


The ones that stand out however are the Naga Babas, the naked Shaivite Sadhus. Like other Sadhus, they also believe in the God Shiva. Their naked bodies are covered from head to toe in the dead’s ashes and they proudly roam the streets with absolutely no clothes on. Their physical appearance embodies that of the God Shiva and every item of clothing they remove brings them closer to enlightenment. The gathering is a significant event in their lives. They live a life of solitude in woods, caves and the Himalayan Mountains, so during this occasion, they have the opportunity to meet one other.


The image is printed canvas in three sizes, Available Sizes: 60X90 cm, 80X120 cm, 130X180 cm.

This photo was taken in a high iso and therefore it has a painting effect.

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