The vast snowy expanses of Western Mongolia


The Mongolian Kazakhs are the biggest ethnic minority group in Mongolia, with over 120,000 residents, yet surprisingly, they only make up 4% of the entire population. They mainly inhabit the West of Mongolia, in the Bayan-Ulgi District which is separated from Kazakhstan by a 50km-wide mountainous strip of Russian territory in the North, and Chinese in the South.

They have a culture, language and religion (Islam) that is different from the rest of the Mongolians, nevertheless they also speak the Mongolian language and preserve a strong sense of nationalism for the country they live in. Nowadays, in west Mongolia, around 9,000 Mongolian Kazakh families still preserve the migration life, like their ancestors many generations before.

The economy of the nomad families, even though treat men and women with respect and equality, is still based on gender roles. The male shepherds take care of their herds, while the women cook, take care of the children and work in clothing and textiles.


The image is printed canvas in three sizes, Available Sizes: 60X90 cm, 80X120 cm, 130X180 cm.

This photo was taken in a high iso and therefore it has a painting effect.

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